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    We wish to offer you a "No Trade Risk" Business Environment !!

In every kinds of business, the most serious risk situation that all buyers fear is supplier does not deliver the right products as on order to buyer. We have put our attention on this problem. In order to dispel our customers' concern, what our actions are as followings:

1. Make Packing Evidence:
We will take photos when the goods are packed on containers. It is like our customers superintend at our plant to watch packing actions. Then above photos will be put on our web site when done and only authorized customers can see it on their individual webpage. (Remark: The photos will focus on container's surface, number, door lock, and goods.)

2. Confirm Shipment:
Customers can read all shipping information and documents on the same authorized webpage and confirm the goods details.

3. Advise By Email:
We will send an email to inform our customers immediately step by step. ( Packing Action, Goods Details, and Shipping Action)

4. After Service:
From our part, we will do above services that it is called PRE-SERVICE. From overseas agent's part, they will handle the AFTER-SERVICE including to trace the shipping arrival , to perceive our goods used situation from contacting with customers, to follow up customers' needs, and feedback.

We do above services not only we are a new company but also we really know customers' exactly concerns and wants. What our wishes are to build up long term good relationship with all customers not short term and to offer a safe business environment for customers to trade with us. The most important thing is we are very concern about our well credit and well reputation.