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Quality Control

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  Equipment for Quality Control
    Optical Emission Spectrometer

For inspecting the chemical composition of all series of aluminum alloy, Emission Spectrometers from Spectro A.I. GmbH, Germany are employed. A composition report is always enclosed for each batch as quality guaranty.

Ultrasonic Detector

We use the German made ultrasonic detector to inspect if cracking exists in inner billet. All billets produced are thoroughly checked to maintain optimum quality.

ALSCAN Hydrogen Detector

Hydrogen gas will be precipitated during solidification. Higher concentration makes worse material mechanical properties. We have ALSCAN Hydrogen detector for qualifying the content of hydrogen in Aluminum melts and in billets. We can also offer our customers the hydrogen content report.

Prefil Inclusions Detector

Metal clearness is an important index for the quality of Aluminum billets. Higher inclusions also make worse the mechanical properties of material. We have Prefil and PoDFA for measuring the inclusions in Aluminum melt in quantity. The report of inclusions content of Aluminum melts and billets also can be completed in line.

Matallurgical Inspection Lab

The complete system of metallurgical inspection instruments is provided for metallurgical structure of billets in order to monitor the quality.


The SEM & EDS is used for the observation of high resolution microstructure and elemental analysis. You can fully apply it to understand how it effects on the microstructure under the casting parameters and homogenized process. Moreover, it also can be used for the structure observation of the afterward extrusion process, material analysis and the evaluation of the defect.